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Is Web Development a Good Career?


Is Web Development a Good Career?

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  • 18-Nov-2021

Yes, web development is a good career. Mondos annual Tech and Digital Marketing Salary guide founds Web Developer was the most in-demand job title in tech and one of its top-paying jobs. And, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job market for Web Developers is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026.

Why Is Web Development a Good Career?


North America is currently facing a shortage of skilled tech talent and few positions are in hotter demand than Web Developers. There is also no sign demand will wane. The expansion of e-commerce and an ever-increasing reliance on mobile search will only create further need for talented Developers.

According to Stack Overflow, 83 percent of professional Web Developers in the United States are employed full-time, with another 10 percent working on a freelance basis or part-time. The same survey found that 73 percent of respondents reported positive job satisfaction, and the U.S. News and World Report ranked Software and Web Developers as one of the eight best overall tech jobs in its 2018 report. A healthy salary doesn't hurt on that front. Web Developers make anywhere between $78,000 (Indeed) and $88,000 (Glassdoor) a year, with an easy pathway to more senior positions.

In addition, Developers have the choice of working mostly independently, on a team of Developers, or working cross-functionally between design and product teams. There's also flexibility on the work-life balance front, as Developers can essentially work anywhere that has an internet connection.

Being a Web Developer is not without its challenges, however, as the field involves continuous learning, problem solving, and critical thinking. Technology changes quickly, which means Developers have to stay on top of the new languages, tools, and trends.

According to the BrainStation Digital Skills Survey, the top three resources Developers use to learn new techniques or ideas were online forums, digital skills training options, and blogs. When it comes to learning opportunities and training, Developers cite online courses as the most frequent format for improving their skills.

Web Developers Are (Mostly) Happy


Aside from the myriad practical perks to possessing an in-demand skill set, there are many more non-monetary benefits to life as a Web Developer.

In Stack's worldwide survey of developers, 72.8 percent of respondents reported positive job satisfaction (as opposed to only 18.9 who said they were dissatisfied, with the rest feeling neutral). U.S. News and World Report, meanwhile, ranked Software and Web Developers as the best and eight best overall tech jobs in its 2018 report.

For many Web Developers, especially those who freelance for a number of clients, work-life balance is an appealing part of the job.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to work for yourself, or even just to work remotely, Wise said.

As more and more tech companies move towards hiring subcontractors or going remote, it gets easier for more developers to jump on this train. Set your own schedule, have less stress, travel more, work anywhere with WiFi, work from home in your pajamas, spend more time with your family  it is life-changing, and the best decision I have ever made.

Further, Wise notes, the abundant opportunity in the field allows her to be selective, taking on projects that inspire her while referring other work she feels less passionate about to colleagues who might be a better fit.

Developers Are Always Learning


Technology changes quickly, which means Developers have to stay on top of the new languages, tools, and trends. Unsurprisingly, Stacks survey found a direct correlation between technical competency and salary.

That helps to explain the increasing popularity of certification and training programs among seasoned developers and those hoping to break into the industry. BrainStation, for example, offers full-time programs and part-time courses Web Development, both online and at our campuses. These courses were designed to be collaborative, replicating the kind of working and learning experience Developers would experience in the field.

If you're a good web developer, you will have the opportunity to learn with a lot of other people in the community, just by virtue of doing the work on a daily basis, Carlson said.

The opportunity for personal growth in that field is second-to-none.

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