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Chat Bot in PHP and SQL using AJAX with Admin

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate human conversation. These chatbots reply to you instantly according to your queries because programmers have inserted thousands of inputs, replies, and queries into the database that can be asked by the user.

To make an advanced chatbot we’ve to code more and more but I tried to make a simple chatbot with a few lines of code and queries which help you to get an idea about how a chatbot actually works.

On the webpage for this chatbot, there is a chat form with an input field and a button labeled “send” for typing a message and sending it to the bot. If you ask the bot a question, and if the query exists in the database, the bot instantly replies with a message based on your query; if the query does not match any database queries, the bot replies with a message labeled “Sorry not be able to understand you

In this chatting process, the webpage isn’t reloaded because I used jQuery (Ajax) for that.

Simple backend is also added in this but there is no login in it because I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and this is only for learning purpose.

So what we will learn from this :-


  • Working with ajax in php
  • How function function works asynchronously


  • Inline Table Editing using jquery-tabledit plugin.
  • Load Table using AJAX with SEARCH & PAGINATION Dynamically
  • Realtime CRUD Operations using AJAX in PHP
  • All Operation done smothly without page refresh.
  • How to use sweetalert in php 

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 Chat Bot in PHP and SQL using AJAX with Admin Free

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